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Scoil na nÓg

Primary Boarding School


Irish, English, Mathematics, Religion, Geography, History, Science, Environmental Studies, Singing, Physical Education, Computer Studies.

Art & Craft, Irish Dancing (All students must participate, to the best of their ability, in the extra classes. There is a weekly fee to cover the cost of Art and Irish Dancing. This fee will be debited from the school bank at the beginning of each month. Should your child be absent from a class, unfortunately there will be no refund as the teacher will have travelled to school)

Speech and Drama. (Compulsory for all students.)

Optional Subjects

French, German, Spanish,  Piano.


Each member of the teaching staff is a qualified teacher.

Specialised teachers are engaged in for the teaching of Music, Speech & Drama, Art and Craft Classes, and Irish and Modern Dance.


The attention of parents is directed to the following rules of the school:

  1. The Management reserves the right to resign the charge of any student whose progress or behaviour is unsatisfactory.
  2. All pupils must return to school on the appointed first day of each term.
  3. Leave of absence during term will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  4. Students may not absent themselves from the school or school grounds without the Principal’s permission.
  5. Notice is required in writing prior to the removal of a student from school or the discontinuance of an optional subject.
  6. Pupils may make or accept telephone calls between 8.30 – 8.45 pm. Camera Phones are not allowed. Mobile phones are restricted and limited to 15 minutes per day for full boarders.
  7. Smoking is strictly forbidden. Chewing gum is not allowed for hygiene purposes.
  8. CD Players, MP3’s, Ipods or Radios are not allowed. Hair Straighteners are also forbidden


Students participate in various games and activities.

Facilities include:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool,
  • Gym hall,
  • Basketball/tennis/volleyball courts
  • Playing pitch for games

Football Outfit: Togs, Socks, Boots, Jersey, Runners, Bag (not plastic) for boots

School Tracksuit:  available from Mick Murphy, North Main Street, Corcaigh

Essential Equipment:  Swimsuit & Cap, Large towel

Optional Equipment:  Hurley, Tennis Racket, Badminton Racket, Table Tennis Bat.



School Info

Pocket Money

All pupils are advised to deposit their pocket money in the school bank.  The School does not accept responsibility for money which is not deposited in the school bank.


Pupils go home on Friday afternoon after school at 3.pm.The school authorities provide transport to and from trains and buses at weekends or breaks.  All other trips must be arranged and financed by parents. If a child will not be availing of the bus service they will need to inform the School or the Bus Company.

Day Boarding

Five day week

Monday to Thursday 9.15am  –  8.15pm,   Friday until 3pm.

Meals, Supervised study, games and access to recreational facilities are included

Book List will be sent to parents in August

Used by all pupils:


English Dictionary

English – Irish Dictionary

Biros, pencils, rulers, geometry sets.


School uniform is obligatory and must be maintained by pupils in good and clean condition.
All uniform items are available from: Mick Murphy, North Main Street, Cork

Boys Girls
Grey Trousers Grey Skirt
Grey Shirt Grey Blouse
Grey V Neck Pullover with school crest Maroon Cardigan with school crest
School Tie School Tie
Plain black shoes Plain black shoes
Plain grey socks Plain grey socks

Other Essential Items

Anorak / Raincoat Bed linen
Slippers, Pyjamas, Dressing Gown Duvet, Duvet covers
Underwear Sheets, Pillow and pillow cases
Towels(small and large). Face cloth Each item of clothing and all bed linen must be clearly marked in marking ink with pupil’s name and surname
Soap, toothbrush, Toothpaste, shampoo
brush & comb etc



All fees are payable in advance. The school term is divided into two terms:-

September – January and February – June

Fees include

(a) On campus medical care;

(b) Games – skills and training; inter school competitions

(c) Study – supervision and assistance.

A Premium for Personal Accident Insurance is included in the fee.

Please contact Gaelachas Teo for enquiries on enrolment, registration, fees etc

GAELACHAS TEO, Gleann Maghair, Co. Chorcaí

Tel 021-4821116

e-mail: gaelteo@eircom.net


Scoil na nÓg

Bunscoil Cónaithe, & Lae-cónaithe, Lán-ghaelach, Bhuachaillí agus Cailíní í Scoil na nÓg.

Scoil na nÓg is a primary boarding and day-boarding school for boys and girls.The aim of the school is to enable children to speak Irish fluently while giving them an excellent all-round education.The school is Located 7 Kilometres from Cork City, and children between the ages of nine and thirteen are accepted as pupils.

Classes are small and individual attention is given. Two and a half hours supervised study is held each night. Pupils are prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation and Entrance Assessments each year.

Bíonn líon beag daltaí i ngach rang agus tugtar aire speisialta do gach duine. Déantar féitheóireacht ar an staidéar gach oíche. Ullmhaítear daltaí don Chóineartú gach bliain.

Is í aidhm na scoile ná líofacht sa Ghaeilge a thabhairt do gach dalta agus ag an am gcéanna árd chaighdéan oideachais a chur ar fail dóibh. Glactar le daltaí idir naoi mbliana d’aois agus trí bliana déag.